Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just another Love Story - I

He waited under the clock in that cold, damp railway station. The ticking seemed to grow louder and louder, until the very seconds seemed to boom in his head like a hundred-gun salute. The hands slowly climbed to the appointed hour, when once more the love of his life would be in his arms. Suddenly a movement down the platform caught his eye, the next minute he was rushing towards her, not wanting to miss one second of being with her again. They met, fingers touched, lips trying to find a matching pair, searching finding and remembering.

They slowly separated, and started to move down the platform to the exit, their steps matching the rhythm of their hearts. Both knew that time was passing them by, and all too soon, they must part, both knew that every second together was theirs to be enjoyed and enveloped in their love. They gave in the train ticket not even noticing the look from the inspector, each eye filled the other’s visage, hands never wanting to leave the safety of the each other’s clasp.

He remembered the last time as they had to say goodbye. The train slowly starting to move out of the station as the life blood seemed to slowly slip from his view with the movement of the carriage further and further along the platform. The face etched in his mind becoming a blur then a faint spot in the distance. He’d stood, not wanting to move, still feeling the warmth of her kiss on his lips, and his face still wet, whether for her tears or his own.

But that was last time, this was now.


Part - II at 10.34hrs. tomorrow

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A quaint little note

Dear Readers,

Kush, Nothingman, Sam, Rajdeep, Merisa, Niraj, Anand, Anon ...
We are very happy to be with you and haviing been nurtured by you all this while ...

Today, we feel blessed on turning another year ...
Your words, your intonations, your love, your spite have left me nurtured, loved, grown and more learned ...

Please feel free to keep dropping by ...


He always asks me


How do I explain
Concern and

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wut haepnd?

maa phrets
herr chilren
aar veri pooar
inspell ings.
becoz auf

ones there woz a tee chur.
wid a redpen.
un-de-r the laaine
spell ings.

naao there iz a maikrosoft.
wid a redpen.
sum taimes
un-de-r the laaine
spell ings

colour, neighbour, realise

Where is the person who tells you what is right?
Where is the person you believe?
Where is the person?
That rational human being.
That amorfuss work of art.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Januray 2007

(The coast of Hanko. June 2006)
Rock to tumble
Crash to sustain
Water to kill
Current to flow
Foam to cover
Dive to risk
Swim to live
Tomorrow?... backwaters

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturday, January 06, 2007

In recap

It's been long... Long since I loggd on... long since I typed in any food for thought (besides the mindless badgerings that keeps the keyboard/outpour mechanism busy). So today what shall we talk about...

The year of the Nines that got Beethoven his sound waves and symphonies and me my music (wishful thinking)
Or how Marx found his theory?
Or the day Gus found Idaho, Elephant and Cobain all in one night?
What...what...should I narrate.

Or should I talk of the valley of hope of which I am a frequent visitor.. the deep gorge that makes a poet, a writer, a story-teller, a movie-maker, a lifer out of me...

Maybe I'll recap on my year...

the One with the big 8.
the One which started with travel and endend on a not-so-distant hilltop.
the One that made me face my biggest fears and embered my sweetest passions,
the One that made me an outcast and a contemporary of fashion.
Should I mention the frivolty a new city with its big glass office that January got
or the Betrayal and the whip lash that the town in February brought.
My visit to the Parliament house, the urge to be an Indian
Or the ghastly theory of relativity that 'close family' called fun
Oh what shall I mention and talk of that I learnt
that Movie Making is a splendid game that arrests me on all fronts.
the Documentary that I hated to make but did anyway
or The short movie that gave me a voice and a recognised say.
Would you want to know about the one whom I betrayed
or How by not betraying I would have myself been dismayed.
the People who walked in and out, filling me with strife
or the trips, the assignments, the stories, the shots that instilled in me LiFe.
What should I talk of that would make those lessons learnt real
that life metes out things and people, even if they were'nt part of your deal.
the New office,
the new work,
the new class,
the new state,
the new hair,
the new discoveries,
the new places,
the new men,
the new women,
the new b'E'ings,
the new investigation... I lived it all in one whole year...

Here's a toast to the year of the nines...that gave Beethoven his sound waves and symphonies.
Will it give me my music too???