Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Feel

“Sometimes the emotions becomes too powerful for the mind to control, the unimaginable pain takes over the heart and the body weeps,” Seth, the angel.

And suddenly there is this tremendous patience. The hand pauses, the restlessness is interrupted, there are long shadows pressing to stay, the hours are gliding slower and the only sound I can hear is this vast expanse of silence intermittent with my episodic pulse, my heat beat, my throbbing temples and the jitter in my teeth…

The numbness is being washed away and I spy a heaviness in my throat. Am I going to weep? Are the glands going to overreact? Is there going to be a lost tear resting on my cheek, falling on my dry lip, cascading three inches below my collar bone?...

I don’t need an answer. I’m content with this reassurance that I’m not dead inside. There is life in these veins and this blood rushing through to my brain and flushing down to my toes. There is a tingle…

I’m tied in my freedom. I’m bound to myself from liberation of spirit. I’m in knots and I’m relieved I’m for it.

Wim Wenders always works wonders on a sleeping heart. It did on mine. Thankful for that Utopian City of Angels. There is never a leaving. I feel empowered. I can feel...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Top of a Porcupine Tree

A bubble floating in aimless space
amiss on a grapevine of desire
a guttral broke into a riff of bass
ever wondered the sound of crackling fire?

Broken verses stitch together words
random musings wither away sanity
wash them off like slipping soap suds
the drain - a resting place of vanity

This new city of dreams
promises to set free
but what about silent screams
that inhibits the verb - being from me

All forces must retreat in the still of the night
the unwritten law proclaims full to abide
for a wind and string propel even a liberated kite
it is to break, fall and be brisked to the side...

Sunday, August 05, 2007