Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cannot Find Server

A fidgety attempt to put the edges of two bangles together.
A viewfinder to an object that just doesn’t hold two eyes at once.
Losing focus and can't locate the self-analyser

The knee displaced and need met with ignorance.
Broken slipper and burning vision
Imbalanced fngertips writing disjointed poetry
Stabilty prized with uncertain compassion
change resisted with a condition - mentally bipolar.
Meanwhile structure eludes for the first time
And a song asks coyly - A lil more wine?

I drink again!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Perfect Drug

In gasps and sighs, it comes and goes - these shards of absolute nothingness. A vacant empty bounded cover, with wordless pages inside. That night, standing at the edge of the ocean, all ties swept away. The cool, clean, yellowles, dark waters washed my feet and my wounds. The salt soothed as it stung in deeper to this feeling of complete freedom from pain. What happened after conjured no emotions. I have no metaphors, no deeper meaning to represent what happened. To me, it didn't signify anything. Husks of people floated face down in what usedto be rice patties. It was only a minor detail, like the clean smell that permiated everythingor the cola stained floor of the bus. The heart is full yet it doesn't seek an outpour. At the abysmal bottom, I don't know what hurts more - the unknowing or the unfeeling.

Years ago, I wrote a verse, when I fell in love for the first time about the feel of a feel. How I romanced the idea of a seduction of senses. The search seemed over then and the secret of the Universe stood revealed. The answer was 'YES.'...

So much has passed and the shoulders have drooped with the weight of - nothingness.