Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cannot Find Server

A fidgety attempt to put the edges of two bangles together.
A viewfinder to an object that just doesn’t hold two eyes at once.
Losing focus and can't locate the self-analyser

The knee displaced and need met with ignorance.
Broken slipper and burning vision
Imbalanced fngertips writing disjointed poetry
Stabilty prized with uncertain compassion
change resisted with a condition - mentally bipolar.
Meanwhile structure eludes for the first time
And a song asks coyly - A lil more wine?

I drink again!!!


Anonymous said...

hey seems like u r over me also many guys u have dumped in a week .
man eater .

- - - i love David Furnish's wife

Nothingman said...

Wine? I always thought Her Highness was more of a Vodka girl ;)

Other people drink and drive, we drink and write poems!@! he he he.

Take care!


Zedekiah said...

Anon - Elton John's civil partner infidel wife...i knew you were a bad boy...haw...home grown splitsvilla. and please such comments off my pretty blog. huh...

N - lol..we truly drink and write poems...what tragic souls...hehe

Nikhil said...

Hehe, in my line of work, we wud say you need a new lens & then re alignment of the color balance on a vectroscope.

Good reminder that I need some alcohol too, actually my joints need it more :-s

take care of ya knee

ps do ignore, i doubt i'll be making much if any sense @ the end of another back to back 16 hour shoot

Dee Dee said...

I drink and I write..
Her"High"ness...I can taste the wine;)