Monday, January 04, 2016

2016: Return to Self?


      You caught me. I am naked
I have nothing to hide behind other than shame
Shame for having stood still
While time ticked on by.

You know me. I am a somebody
A  somebody's somebody - a somebody person - a somebody human
Somebody made me his
While anniversaries notched up another year

You heard me. I am a liar
I am completely fine, No I do not need help, Yes I can do this alone
Sometimes I have ignored
While truth moved further away from the horizon

You have met me. I am real
Or used to be, until illusion took over and reality slipped away
Search operation was carried out
While perspective reduced to a blip on screen of memory

You remember me. I am here
Hungrily rummaging through the rubbish of sanity
Some stone walls have to be climbed
While the breath is still steady, and the heart is still alive