Saturday, May 01, 2010


I won't crash
But burn like a cinder
Keep that fire ember-ed
Won't let it die out.

I won't get lost
But walk through the walls of your mind
Dissolve the window and pluck out the hinges
Won't let the door cave in.

I won't feed angst
But will play with fury
Let you rape my mind
Won't let my sanity slip.

I won't vegetate
But let the cancer plague
Grow a mountain of sorrow
Won't climb the Everest.

I won't sink
But will lose the compass
Fall prey to the Kraken.
Won't sail into your void.

I won't peep
But will snake around your curiosity
Lead you to voyeurism
Won't lose virginity.

I won't crumble
But share the pie
Let you shred the paper
Won't sign up for recycle.

I won't die
But let you tease open wounds
Bleed till the last cell clots
Won't let out a last sigh.

I won't colour
Stay within the lines
Pick up all crayons
Won't let the white smear stain.

I will live
But will will you to kill
Yell and watch murder in your eyes
Will still will to love