Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Anatomy of Fun

Travel to two countries in 24 hours.

Write stories for a third.

Script narratives for a concoction of the above.

Design a recital to commemorate theme.

Steal inspiration from unopened travel bags, stray conversations, dark alleys, rain and sweet fish.

All constructs of imagination...........let the concrete stray from architects board.

Smile and hit the bar.

Dance, drink, dazzle a doe-eyed grin, "Shit! My life is so boring. Tell me about you."

All in a hope to have just a little bit o' fun!

"Shit! my life is fun. Miss you, but don't wanna come home. Not just yet," connecting back home.


Nothingman said...

hey uhm you been travelling real time or just in your head?
both are cool in my book!
enjoy and have more fun, you live only once you know and come to think of it you die only once too!
hey thats fun!


Zedekiah said...

its amazing what remembrance can do......and deaths, honey, recur in the mind ova n ova again......