Tuesday, August 01, 2006

|\/| E T /-\ |\/| O R P |-| O S I S

>>WHEN you break the cocoon
to examine my fears
you'll find a chrysalis
of my camouflaged tears

>>you'll carve out my breast
that shelters my heart;
your touch will trace
love's circulating chart

>>you'll cut out my tongue
that articulates my voice;
you'll pilfer truth
from lovers' choice

>>WHEN you decipher the shell
to unwind my strife,
you'll find spinning threads
of my metamorphic life

>>you'll blind my eyes
to forget the love;
you'll shroud the iris
from the heavens above

>>you'll inhale the scent
that inflames my blood;
you'll steal the fragrance
from love's transient flood

>>WHEN you dissect the worm
to witness my metamorphosis,
you'll unveil a butterfly
of love's analysis

>>you'll deafen my ears
to obliterate your verse;
you'll suppress the music,
serenading curse

>>you'll probe into my mind
to extricate my brain;
you'll wash my heart and soul
of love's indelible stain

>>WHEN I dissect this worm
to grasp love's force
I'll find a butterfly
who perceives her course

>>when I decipher this shell
to fathom the life
I'll find a butterfly
who survived her strife

>>when I break this cocoon
to realize the birth
I'll find a butterfly
who knows her worth
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Nikhil said...

WOW, you in the ZONE woman. This is by far THE most awesome piece of your I've ever read.

The Prolific Dyslexic said...

you write well ...
havent read the entire blog ... but you seem to have been to finland recently ...

and ... I am the captain ...

just like in invictus

EternallyExceptional said...

this is amazing, ca't belive it, your writing kicks anyone's ... lol, and thanks for your kind comment!

The Prolific Dyslexic said...

figures ...
i love em Icelandic ...
talking about Sigur Ros... :)

Niraj said...

Let her live a life that’s her own
My plea to you hoping you won’t
Disrobe her cocoon while a coy she bemoans
Dissect thy larva before her wings have grown
Crucify thee chrysalis for a reason unknown

Beneath altering forms of thee
Lies natures un-deciphered code
From the covers of a chrysalis
To the wonders of her highness
From fears and tears to her surreal veneer

Had broken free from confines of an asylum
Now entrapping minds into her secret phylum
Legend of the monarch does emerge
Wings outstretched all qualms submerge
With her yawn, there is a dawn

Her tiny crumpled wet wings do flutter
Drops of love run through her veins to splutter
She brings a smile that spreads for miles
Her sweet endearments in silent whispers
Makes bud blush and blossoms into flowers

Her magical caress heals thy wounds
Her eyes those lips loose strands of hair
Those looks that voice the scent she wears
Her talk that walk this gush of air
Leaves all and sundry basking in despair

Her gaze reveals a secret behold
Her smile conceals a rumor untold
Her name suggests a mystery unfold
Her verse confirms a prophecy foretold
My poem unfurls her story I told…

Zedekiah said...

WHo would've thought some random introspection would rake out such amazing words and rhymes from onlookers.

Niraj, Merisa, Nikhil and the dyslexic...where would I be without your retrospects.....

Luv y'all...

Harpriya said...

this is awesome........sometimes all you wat is to the good at everything.........no slogging after it.....just getting it without any effort..........ah!!!life would be so simple then.....

EternallyExceptional said...

I just love this peice,
congrat on your writing, it's like you've been writing all your life!

duidelijk said...

Uncomplicated, eh? Sounds more like you're trying to figure yourself out in there.

Ok, ok, no psychoanalytical babble. I'd say nicely done, but that's already been done.
I just hope you find your butterfly. Dont wait too long though, tomorrow never comes until its too late [[just listening to Six Days (DJ Shadow ft. Mos Def), so bear with it ;Þ]]

But whatever it is you're looking for, or not looking for, its right there, here, wherever you are. And you dont even need to look around.

Ok, enuff blabs from me. I'll go read more of your stuff, or wait till your next one.

Oh, and sorry, couldn't resist :) [if you dont know what this is about, dont worry]

Zedekiah said...

duidelijk, Thanks for droppin bye. I would see ya blog, only can't help but wonder how you commented with my profile???

duidelijk said...

Well, dont wonder too much. Its a very simple trick, i'll tell some other time.

As for blogging, i'd just say that i'm much too effervescent to blog, meaning that thoughts pass much rapidly than the rate at which i put them down. So, usually prefer sharing them in person.
But come to think of it, i should start one, i'll think about it and let you know if i do.

In the meantime, keep up the writing and keep up the faith. To you, I'll quote two lines from one of my all time favourites...
".. Though i know now what (who) you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little (not literally) star."

[words in parenthesis are not part of the original composition ;Þ]

Zedekiah said...

hey man.........words of wisdom flowing....only you misinterpreted my question....how did you use my blog profile to comment......just wondering......happy thought fragmentation!!!

Guess Who said...

Someone you know who has the same profile...

Anonymous said...

I'am Impaled upon the travesty of own existence,
I seek solace in the slender scripts of another,
With such addiction I grasp thy intent,
for I've bled in the search of the other,
yet unaware and unfulfilled he's still awake,
Unable to grasp thy own majestic malady.

This piece of your absolutely fascinates me, about you and myself, it seems it was written on one of those days where each line just flows with brilliance. Thank you for this piece.