Friday, May 18, 2007

Brand Ho!

Clarity distills, as does a meeting with a self-confessed, honest hyprocrite. Amidst a vacant week and another week to exceeding work load, I found one person who told me whether I like it or not, I too am a brand seeking positioning. Just another pea in a pod, but one with a rim called Z or S.
Or just another window in cyberspace, but one with format that reeks of a 'third dimension to me.'
Anna Bredmeyer, this 'some bits' space I tell the world who you are, not just my city..... Anna's story.

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Kush J said...

Funny noone's commented on this so far..
Apologies from me to sweetie, i read it earlier but was in a hurry..

Nothing to say about lots of it..yet.. but i must compliment you on the article. Its been a loooong time since i read a piece about someone in which more than 50% of the content comprises of direct quotes.