Friday, October 26, 2007

Animals in the Attic

“What am I missing? What…is…..hmmm.. what is it that I cannot see?” she wondered as she wailed watching a queer familiarity on the tele this night. She watched her reflection cry and scream. Stunned by the sight, she felt a dampness roll down her cheek. Was it the mirror or the scope – one would never know. . .

It’s the law of nature and an immaculate sense of banishment that sets a fear of loathing and longing. Spider webs seem to trap rattle snakes too, and she was but human. At times like these the line between misfortune and fortune seems to diminish. Lucky to have faculties as a Human or senses as another animal? “Ha! Human – universe’s strangest flawed creature,” she thought as she gazed and cried more.

What pained, she didn’t know.
What was instinct, she had forgotten.
What heart, she had misplaced.
What mind, she had lost.

Is there a salvation – some hope, sugar and a little spice. Is there – where?

“But why do I cry,” she thought, even as her face contorted in agony. Yup, it is at times like these, when you need it the most, Metallica’s symphony, ‘Nothing Else Matters’ is missing too.

Wednesday and a Thursday have come to pass. A Friday is upon…still no answer. To where, to where?

Maybe no rescue, no answers are to come. “Is this a realization?” an exhausted heart objects with one last attempt. Maybe not. Hope is left.

“Ha! Human. She doesn’t know what she wants,” the crow, the pigeon, the beetle and the spider all whisper. The universe will moan, because she moans.


Anonymous said...

First of all your sooooo ripping off the Concept In Heroes of "Jessica & Nikki" both trapped in one.

But I wouldn't worry if I were you, you've got way too many people who care about you wayyyyy too much. Just a matter of choice if you let them.

I think the lines between us living our lives & being a witness to them are crossed to seldom. Hopefully for our own good.

Zedekiah said...

It isnt a rip-off, not intended to be.
Not in context of what is being as-read-by.
Not written in a need for consilation either. Nor of making choices. Oh and life is not a TV show.

But then...nevermind

Anonymous said...

Oh but it is a story!

kyoush said...

you're writing again..

thought you were wandering again. Welcome back..

Anonymous said...

You used to write so often ,so your self but now seldom ,so someone else????