Sunday, December 09, 2007


What does one really do in a state of surreptious drukeness. Fight battles endearing to Ego vs Soul (somehwat like Alien vs Predator. No winner). But composed on a yo-ho-ho Bottle of Rum (old monk please!) over candlelight and Beatles...ergo!

Saturday Night?
No someday right.
Losing Heat?
No losing feat.
Mirror crackling smile?
No scary look, senile.
Washboard abs and together bosom?
No a scene from Floppy, the Sodden Mom.
Roaring Sex life - love, romance, wine, candles
No aphrodesiac nights over plunered waddles.
No a Fish called Wanda?.
No Lonely
Yes Freud.
Ha! I win. We agree to the master
The grandmaster of frustrated potency...we do?


Anonymous said...

Your darkside still sends my brain into whirls of introspection! Try not be so hard on yourself, it'll spill on to someone else.

Harpriya said...

hey girl!!!! you have put both the contrasts so well......maybe there are two people inside goes this way and the other one the which did you choose?