Tuesday, July 15, 2008

(Un)likely Fairytale

OK! So my last few posts have been somewhat dreading towards heightened romanticism.(and I've been made aware of that time and again..thanks to B) No matter how happily single I profess myself to be, a girl can have her moments. The truth is, life is a corny lover's bubble and blame it on oxytocin.

Some days I think I should have been born during the medieval days when honour and chivalrous knights ruled...okay, so that's the romantic view most of us choose to have of that time, in lieu of the violence, black plague and serious lack of personal hygiene. It's the act of chivalry that I believe has all but disappeared, becoming crumbling empty shells of history, much like the once majestic castles dating back to that era. I'm faced with this reality every time I hit the roadduring the daily commute. Amazing how the moment you step foot out and find no more empty seats, no empty taxis, packed elevators and not to mentione shoving queues. Feignng sleep rather than make eye contact with you. Now, mind you, I do my share of being courteous. If someone is right behind me as I go through a door, I always hold it open for them.

Doesn't matter if it's for a man or woman. That's called manners...plain and simple. I've given up my seat on the bus to elderly folks or pregnant women, too. But, no matter how independent I am, I still enjoy having a man hold open a door for me, pull out my chair (preferably not out from under me), let me enter or exit an elevator before them, etc. Heck, it makes me feel special, and what's wrong with that? :-) I'm a romantic at heart. That said, I felt pretty darn good this morning when I was approaching the front doors of my office building. A man was also approaching, but he was still at least 10 feet away compared to my 1 foot. As I reached for the door, he darted forward and said, "here, let me get the door for you!" Seriously, he actually ran to open the door for me and it wasn't as if I had my hands full. How nice was that? It's one thing if you're both there at the same time, but to run for the door? Major brownie points, dude! ;-) Just goes to show, you never know when some guy's latent knighthood will wake from deep slumber, puff out his chest and say, "after you, m' lady."


bobby mcferen said...

in short someone was line maroing on u ...n u write so much ...!!! uff what 2 tell u !
the last time around u decided to dedicate a whole months blog to 1 person...!!!
oh yes ..u do get good brownie points for doing all of the above ...telling u from first hand experience..but ur missing the point...u shouldve been writing all this to that door guy rather than asking us for our approval about u n this new door guy..!! ok permission granted .!!!

low n behold !!!!!

humbl devil said...

you know what???
that was me...
kitne din se tym match karne dekh raha tha tumhare saath...
aaj mauka mila...
aadhe ghante wait karne ka kuch toh faayda hua :D

jokes apart, wot if it was a really planned move, like i have mentioed above???:P
something tells me you are gonna keep bumping into that guy now and then...hehe


Zedekiah said...

Thanks D and B....here's a whole new month to new adventures then....:-p

keep reading.

Nothingman said...

Z, only a blind man wouln't run and keep a door open for you ;)

funny bit about medieval times, just my kind of place, no bathing, lots of violence, and Ale! :D


Rex Venom said...

I wonder if he knew how to use a sword and ride a horse...?
Rock on!

D said...

as long as N is alive knighthood will remain in the world. ;)
the blog looks so fresh.good going!

Zedekiah said...

N and D...white knights are rare commodity. BUt yes, as long an N shall exist...thanks N for spotting the most funny bit :-)

Rex.. if only horses and swords came by easy these days ...Thanks for visiting :-)