Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Second to None

Self expression is on an all time high. And I fear some of it has already been lost on an undelivred message that will sit in my outbox for days. But courage, like I've said countelessly before, comes with a ticking bomb. And as on many such stupors, parting through a melee of insignficant and perhaps some too significant moments...the upward and tortous climb to my appartment has left an afterthought of random words. For the record, I have survived being termed an Anglo-Indian, hit on by a couple of band members who mistook me for a groupie, a bloated foot and knee thanks to prolonging childhood revisiting injury (this time she promises a longer visit) and of course life in the live world and fighting that incredibly urge to form connection with the one-at-the-moment . There is a moment in time, that psychologits term the lucid interval, when time stands still and one is expected to translate self's feelings and confirm other people's thoughts in a nod or a shrug. Mostly this is one of those disclaimers : Very drunk rambling ahead I talked about earlier. But heart in displaced territory is echoing a tune, even the bad knee (dislocated and all) promises support in jig and I'm feeling 15 again.

So much has happened. So many faces in distant lands have provided a sense of comfort, reality and Kahwa. And too many near and dear ones have had a dimming. Having a first of many more to come. Hic...


Saahil Kapoor said...

ah . . . drunk ramblings, courage, expression, understanding, vain assumptions, out of reach inbox,. . . . . . dimmings??????

But I guess what really matters is not whether it makes sense to anyone else or not but whether you really understand.

PS- Anglo-Indian groupie . . . Damn funny :-) :-) :-)

Zedekiah said...

A post it for self...there's even a disclaimer....tough to explain, but in moments of incredible emotion...the written word is usually my only outlet..

PS - you were there too Saahil kapoor...:-):-)