Wednesday, January 14, 2009


a long laundromat hour, an old fade, a familiar slide of time;

soap in boxes, machines of it; a

sign begs, "Keep this place clean."

outside, the bars are so wetly lit

in their silent huddled storefronts;

buses pass by in the rain with

their peculiar leviathan sound noising the night.

electricity hums along wires

strung above the street, fine web of wire.

i wait to be inhabited. smoothing laundry,

feeding the tumbling with coins,

buses swim along the street, sighing those metal sighs.

there isn't a thing i do today

that does not have your name written, sounded into it;

sounds like something maybe looking for air,

breaching above the wetness,

maybe calling a name out into that dark, folding sky.

I let out a sigh, or wait a name;

how many washes more to wash you away


Christopher said...

I really really like that one too.

"noising the night", love it!

Saahil Kapoor said...

Provided you go to the right laundermat. . . just one :-)

Harpriya said...

Time is the biggest healer...a time will come when there is no need to wash anyone away coz they will simply fade away in time...

Nikhil said...

Grey Skies
Soft Shadows
cold breeze
tall wooden fences
strung out wires

laundromats can be so intense

PS Heartwasher :-P

Zedekiah said...

S - trying my best to stay away.
H - my sweetheart time is the only effective washing machine. Hope you keep that as well>..

Zedekiah said...

C - noises help dont they :-)

NUTS 'n' ASHES said...

The machine washes away the grime
There ain't no machine to turn back time
Onwards and beyond is the way to go
Look for a machine that says "Forward Ho!!"

ps: don't lose yourself in that mad crowd and crazy noise...