Saturday, May 16, 2009


Lost in creativity, I hear no other sound
The music flows freely and holds no bounds
I can hear you in the melody guiding me
Showing me the chords patiently.

Gently moving my fingers into shape
You keep me playing though I blister and ache
Teasing out the emotion inside of me
Until it expresses itself in harmonies.

You show me the notes to sing away my blues
B minor the chord I choose
Then when the music stops and I have my song
I reach for your hand and realise it’s gone.


Nikhil said...

The Three act structure has been scaling & slithering it's way quietly into work since a long time
nice still
alternative & conservative at the same time


Harprabhjot Paul Singh said...

Nice :)

Nothingman said...

no one taught me guitar with so much pyaar.



Zedekiah said...

H&N Thanks.....theres music to be learnt with pyaar :-)