Monday, October 12, 2009


“I probably need new sheets,” I thought to myself

“Yup! That’s it. Fresh off the Laundromat.”

“White light too,” I switched on nervously.

“The orange is making things a bit too yellow.”

“Maybe it’s the settled dust,” I reached out for a rag.

“It’s taken over my senses. My mind is registering dirt.”

“I’ve got it. It’s the floor,” I frowned in inspection.

“The broom will whisk those monsters from under the bed.”

“The curtains, the curtains,” I tore at the filth swaying heavily in the breeze.

“It’s always these drapes that breed and hold the demons.”

“These clothes,” I looked down and gnawed at my skin

“The sweat, the grime is polluting my body.”

“I need Valium,” I thought to myself

“Yup! That’s it. Fresh off the shelf. For a new whole me.”


"I need love," I cried to myself silently

"I can't kill this entropy."


Saahil Kapoor said...

advice from someone who has now achieved a highly evolved state or disorder, don't try and kill the entropy, embrace it and you'll be able to form your own chaos theory

Nikhil said...

Takes me back to the winters of home !!
Times eternally gone

This one feels so you :)

Ps Entroy is suppose to be random