Friday, December 18, 2009

Ghosts of Convenience

O, most convenient Ghost: I find
I entertain you in my mind.
So come and sit, we'll chat a bit,
Your cup will overflow with wit.

Trying though you are, my friend.
I like your haunts, they shall not end.
We waltzed once to 'Hope, Disbanding.'
Now we dance to 'Understanding.'

That's your cappuccino, there.
Need more sugar? Take your share.
Nothing's worse than bitter drinks --
Except, a bitter heart, methinks.

Time : the greatest sinfree sweetener
Rightens things misthought before.
One nervous, gnawing night in bed.
I knew: I'm living in my head


Raja said...

We waltzed once to 'Hope, Disbanding.'
Now we dance to 'Understanding.'

Lovely. You two should do coffee more often, as long as you allow us to listen in :)

Zedekiah said...

:-) We always talk to easy listening ears

Ayan said...

Errm.. dunno if you've noticed -- but yoi got a naked woman on your blog. :|

Guess she's just too caffeinated. *sorry / sorry*

Hussain Haidry said...

Wow. I wonder where was this when you were at the 1st anniversary Slam at Cafe Goa! Truly amazing.

Zedekiah said...

@ Ayan. Yes she is naked. Stripped
@ Hussain. I'm so glad u read. Means much. Keep visiting