Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To Depression with Love

Depression secretly loved Suicide,
every day he would sigh and pine
for her quick slicing, painful touch,
but she never saw the rhyme
floating casually through the haze
of his dark, hungry scented gaze.
Suicide was in her own world,
leaping from building's tall ways
in her mind's soft blue clouds,
falling in Love's splattered days,
but he just looked through her heart,
never noticing her lips gently part.
Agony was killing Depression,
Suicide vowed to take Love's life
while Love sang songs of hope
to the warm night's starry-eyed strife
at missing the light of the dawn
by just a single moment's yawn.
Suicide undressed with shyness,
Depression submerged his head
under the fragrant foam, hoping
for the much longed for escape.
She quickly took off her panties
and pulled Depression up
from the depths of the water,
holding him close, feeling
his scarred skin rub her mood.
Suddenly Depression brightened,
he pulled Suicide down,
laughed as her head hit bubbles.
She spat a grin out and kissed him
passionately, her heart beating
promises of love; until death do part.
Depression smiled as Suicide blushed
her love across the ripples of gloom;
saturating the room's fragrant smiles.
Suicide caught hold of Depression's grin
as he dropped to one knee with a sigh;
fluttering through the candle's soft flames.
With a voice clear yet full of sorrow's wisps
Depression asked for Suicide's sweet hand,
hearts merged inside of cool nervousness.
The song of delight sprung from their souls
as Suicide's answer echoed off old scars,
Yes - the note was pure brilliant white light.


JJ Beazley said...

What a mind you have.

mayuri said...

well bhatti saab.. dil khush kar ditta tussi:) brilliant:)

Anonymous said...

So, this is outstanding, but this changing the names to protect the innocents is getting ridiculous!

Nikhil said...

And to think i thought you such a Happy Chil :P

As always Miss.Bhatti
Utter Brilliance :)

Saurabh said...

gr8 lines....