Monday, April 18, 2011

Come undone

Somewhere, in the recesses of my memory, is a half finished song - it was blues, till it became too pop, turned metal with range. Right now, in this moment, its a piano solo against Joni Mithcell's voice. Only I can't remember the tune anymore. It's half a melody in the mind.

Along the way, I've learnt to mimic relationships - feelings, togetherness, respect ... only endurance is a big-word and nothing can mask a loner's heart. Not even a half-hearted love.

At some point in time, I befriended words. They seem to know me more than I could comprehend. With every strike of the spacebar, another word would scribble itself as if my sub conscious was talking back at me - chiding me, describing me to myself. Lately Ive been filling empty gaps in newspapers as writing. Half voyeur.

This half being has managed to fill a certain half emptiness, making it look half full. Once in a while, I lose the connect. All I am now doing, is half living.


Sachin said...

Wow, loved the choice of words! I think even loners have their stab at living the life they wish to lead. And half-empty is always better than half-full. So rock on.

Christopher said...

the other half isn't dead, just chilling, waiting for the warm night.

Nikhil said...