Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I often wonder
What he means to me.
I grow more ‘n more fonder
With every secret that he sets free.

There's nothing special in the way he looks at me.

There's nothing queer in the way he addresses me.
But there is something in those eyes which tell me he's home.
There's something in that 'hey' which makes me content with him alone.

He's never been the one I've pined for or craved.

But somehow in my sorrow or joy ...
its the road to his home, my footsteps have always to forayed.

He's never been my Knight in Shinning armour

But across the raging fires, his embrace has made me calmer.

When darkness surrounds me all around,

His one word spoken swallows the hound.
When gloom haunts my heart’s alley,
His smiles bloom a thousand valleys.

He's warm blooded but searches for songs in the silence cold
There's really no mystery in his way..
is what the passing wintry winds outside his window to me have told

He lets me gaze into his soul,

Tells me stories that give me a roll.

And even though I'm older and wiser,

His each melody and rhythm makes him stronger and dearer.

My hands are forever ready to thrash him silly,
Still his hands caress me like a Lilly.

He’s the tune in my song.

The rhyme in my poem.
The beat of my heart.
The smile on my face.
The glee in my eyes.

He’s all that to me.

And nothing at all.
His love is all I have,
And all I want !!!


Sam said...

who is this he you bitch?

AG said...

Hey that was a cool poem man! Way to go...good work! :)

btw who is that HE?? ;) :))

Good work girl....real good work! Wish u all luck!

Zedekiah said...

HE is REAL! :-))

Zedekiah said...

He is a figment of my imagination.. Real figuratively not reality!!!! Changes with time...