Monday, October 03, 2005


Liberation is a great feeling. A whoosh down a water slide, a ghush of pure emotion, total abandon to that Sound of Music you love so much, no more is the soul chained and tied, no more are there thorns pierced deep within that narrow mind. No more is this fish out of water.

The caste tore,
The calm ocean raged again with life.
The glass smashed on the floor.
I can play again.

How ironic, I've been looking for it at all the wrong places, where it was right within me all this while.

This afternoon, we make music, my freedom and me.

Open Chords played on Steel Strings
You sing …..
Picking at a guitar
Harmonica resting on your slow-breathing chest
Battered lyrics , broken voice
Straining to tell stories few understand, some relate
Only you feel its pain
You are ……
Steel strings
Of an acoustic guitar
Easily broken , snapped in two
Strummed one too many songs
Bleeding fingers
Calloused soul on rusted time
Tuned you are……
Forbidden notes Dancing fingers playing stealthily
Waltzing on dreams
You are…….An instrument of change , sharing pain
Open chords played on steel strings!!!


Anonymous said...

Where do you take pictures to add in your blogs? Amazing pictures with not understandable thoughts! yours writing is good but......

Zedekiah said...

thanks. your comments are quite self-effacing and eye-opening, but....

harpriya said...

somehow down the line my defination of freedom got rusted but this expression was a fresh lease of paint.........