Saturday, October 21, 2006

All constructs of festivity

cold morning nose
breath balm on the nape
sunshine breakfast
on alpenglow grass
in a corner in a forgotten library
hidden behind world stories
erratica writes
fake pearls & real pretenses
longing for the schoolgirl blues
love poetry for distant odds
a subterranean script
raises its hood
resign and uncap the pen...
and then echelons of zillion lights adorn
and echoes of triumph and thunder swarm
sudden jerks and calls ... "Sherry, Bachhe neeche aao. Diye jalao"
shrug all slumber, romantic disposition and the ever-running thinking mind
between noise from the dholaki wala outside and guitar from Aseem
Oh yeah! It's just Diwali....I could be merry today!

Why not!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beneath all the figurative overlay
past all the designation of script
Slumbers in dormancy another existence
One in which we do not portray
wishful thinking and flows
with jovial times astray

It seems you and I both suffer from the dilemma. The never ending thirst for misery through our words.
Anyway everything aside Happy Diwali and have fun.