Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why not?

I will leave words too and be
A gunrunner, keep a boy to thrash
When he's lazy or stupid or because
I feel like it.
Give up cigarettes, take up
Opium instead ... because, you know,
it sends us dreams.
I'm packing my things.
The sun can't be much brighter there
Than here ... but ... anyway.

We all like to feel so special.


Anonymous said...

being "that" makes more sense i reckon- cause--well--"i guess you act"---or having a kaliashnikov in the hands makes more sense that a stupid reynolds.
keeping somone to thrash could also be rationalized - maybe this is getti ng to macabre...but.but.but.opium on the other hand -well it goes with the image of the "a"k-about sending dreams u may as well be right-
well take care-checked ur blog after ages as i am at home in chandigarh-love-kc,.

EternallyExceptional said...

hey, I loved this post....I think everyone needs some time off!

Zedekiah said...

Need for speed and need for being lazy and need to feel Queen like...all acts....

welcum home kabir

And yup Merisa, time off is all I need all the time not just sometimes...