Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Whispers of Immortality

The thought has been growing for sometime now. I begin my story on a rainy, spring afternoon which quickly changes to summer, the boredom of autumn and a procrastinating winter ...
If only time was not to be chased. More time...always.
To always live like there was no tomorrow..
To nurse hopes of a profound reality.
To always live....

How selfish the con of man??? Yes....guilty on all counts
of never being one with the soil
of never wanting the sun to set
of always being embraced with
of always being surrounded in
hope of love

Can't we live forever....Can't those around us too live forever...

I commit sin....of never wanting to see the glory of Heaven
of wanting to always feel skin and warmth of a Humanity.

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AG said...

good thoughts.....yet we can only wish!!!! :)))