Thursday, April 12, 2007

Criminal Intentions

I refuse to be a victim
To all those who've been victims of abuse of any kind, remember your offender i some, scared little kid. Never show fear and play safe!


Kush J said...

interesting title for the post, and lovely artwork.

Dont take this the wrong way, but things which come out of you, especially the expressions, make me smile... Guileless, not at all mocking, but just a plain n simple smile.
I'm not saying or implying if that was your intent, but thank you... thank you for for many a smiles i have been able to keep..

Oh, n a nice way to vent out your aggression (not exactly that but i cant think of a milder/stronger word right now). I once managed to make a song (technically the chorus n 1 verse). Nothing too flashy, but maybe i'll sing it to you someday..


Zedekiah said...

Thanks Kush...for the luv, the words and the visits....

Happy to be smiling and making more face curves facing upwards...Here's to always looking up