Thursday, April 05, 2007

Story so far

Things that can’t be mine.
I tell I do not want.
That which is not meant,
I reckon I did not hear.
Those who don’t see me,
I never saw in the first place.
I keep myself pleased and stupid,
As though all one needs is - to believe.

Almost there is not enough.


Anonymous said...

finally in the end
i found a new friend
and a better way to cry
eve here... ;)

ary said...

i am mesmarised by yr power of expression.afraid to use any words for that. cause i know they will sound stupid i wish i cud write even half as good.

Gurtej said...

Love the line "Almost there is not enough".... so very apt and so fit into my it... Good.

Zedekiah said...

Anon, ary, gurtej....
....thanks for the words and the visit....

Nothingman said...

See, its not a lie if you believe it,

he he he...Photoshop Zindabaad!!

Greeeaat picture! and greater words!


Zedekiah said...

haha....true true N

Kush J said...

.. but even 'there' is not enough either, is it??
Your thoughts appear to be beyond belief, beyond recognition, and beyond acceptance. And oh, its not about others until you make it to be, but its always about you.. always!!...


harpriya said...

well tht is the only way to keep yourself attain peace of mind...which is the driving force for anything action we congratulations you just found the way to the station of "living happily ever after"....i am happy for you