Saturday, June 23, 2007


And it beigns...the period of self loathing.

When all else feels like a dismal dream
the mind refuses to acknowledge
the pen's wielded, but the ink has flown out

and I've lost my music too. There no home.


Harpriya said... r never homeless.......this world is your home.....and i am sure you will make it a beautifull place.....

Nothingman said...

losing home I can bear with, losing music would call for a beer....make it two....ha ha ha

hey u have an address! you can't be homeless!!



Anonymous said...

ur talking like a labourer who has several kids to feed , and get's way below the minimum wages and also loves to play some sort of musical instrument - is infact a gem in his craft - but circumstances , real circumstances have led him to loose his [sur]
knock your self out , and remeber emotions are just another AK47 .

marathi manus

akanksha said...

If one door closes, another one opens..i am sure dee are other doors to better homes dat have opened for u....grab the opportunity!!!