Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Feet

I finally have things to say and stories to tell. Prompted by K to talk. Maybe I'm finding my music back or probably the melody is sifting back to me. But I'm finally home.

The city of butterflies and big waves has let me sink in one feet under. The tarmac and the rail track has been running smooth and offering me a seat. The unbrella is staying erect and not letting the rain soak me through, well manybe just a little. I have a school of fish that swim with me in the same express aquarium. The waters turn murky sometimes. But they are to, I suppose. For how will the red settle and grapes mature, if they wont turn murky and decay. The wine cellar is open wide, seven days a week.

The toes tap dance too and the sand is escaping beneath.
My feet are firmly planted and now not waving in the wind for now they have company...


Nothingman said...

Ha ha, hope you are enjoying the 'outsider' life...the third pic is the proof of the fun i guess....



The Lad said...

But wasnt they waving in the wind nice too ?

AG said...

hmm ... so all settled in the new house???

Anonymous said...

something always makes me come back to your pages , i think its fun watching the pain of others.
and i see you have some kind of foot fetish ;) .
i think i did'nt put it right though:"the pain of others" - but it's something like that , you do it too.
apart from the subliminal messages , im glad to know that you got your "sur" back.

lots of love from balasahib's matoo shreeeee