Friday, September 07, 2007


Paper? burnt
Pen? broken
Ink? vanishing
Words? lost
It's been said
The worst is already over
waiting for the rising


Nothingman said...

Bottle? full
Glass? empty
Mouth? thirsty
Spirit? willing

I'll raise a toast to that ;)



Jay Cam said...

wow the third dimension sounds like a sad place..

Jay Cam said...

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Anonymous said...

Hope? obscured
Rage? Vanquished
Despair? Flourished
Bonds? Shattered
Love? Lost

And yet we live!
Questions or just dilemmas

Harpriya said...

hey where did you read this "the worst is already over"???this is not a correct thing to say!!coz trust me from experience whenever you feel tha the worst is over...brace yourself coz another earthquake is on it's way!!