Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mumbai times

Some people, places, faces need to be written about. And this has been a week of discovery. I finally found my music back. The parasitical beast seems to have spit me out, my back seems a lot freer than it felt. So this is my version of Maximum City, with all apologies to the vastly talented Suketu Mehta.

The week got off to a brilliant start. Monday morning blues took a paling beating. I met a fellow city gal, one who smiles down from one of those massive Mumbai hoardings and is treading deeper in tinsel town. Gul Panag met me with concerned verve and smiled warmly. Abhay Deol for tuesday lunch got me deeper into finding my way back home, as the Punjabi affluent actor spoke to a lost me as a reminder of allgood things back home. Wednesday saw work get crazier, but Thursday morning had me driving around town looking for my Mumbai. And the evening spent with a visitor from home sprucing up streets of Mumbai for me. The weekend that followed brought the music back. I attended I-Rock, met friends, new rock junkies and an ol' someone who rekindered a flame, the same that almost led to fire last night. But a cab drive to Lonavala at 4am in the morning to meet Pardeep Sarkar, made it a lost cause.

Now at work thriteen hours hence, I am getting my lost harmony back


Nothingman said...

Sweet really, wish I could write something like that about city beautiful, but alas, life is like a damp towel lying in a puddle on a rainy day. No sparks, no flames, and no 4am drives. damn i need tog et a life! ha ha.

Hope the good times carry on :)


Harpriya said...

woah girl!!! you've been keeping busy.....sometimes that is the best thing tht can happen to us!!