Saturday, May 24, 2008

A little less conversation

Apologies to the King,
but not everday one has an encounter with 'Action' Call
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Anonymous said...

ok...all said n done i think am more impressed with ur music history skills rather than the writing...have not written so much ever since my board exams but saw a movie called " starting out in the evening "...inspired me to write...!!! am sure u will continue 2 create havoc and be a living nightmare in many a lives... and by then the alternate lifestyled ms kapoor will seem a small fish compared to the whales u will be messing around with...
and if u think u have hit a deadend or if shit happens...just remember bobby mcferen .....dont think i need to tell u who wrote this !!!

Zedekiah said...

Yes Anon...Thanks for the generous encouragement. Lets just say, missing visits to those grind houses got me thinking otherwise
Here's to more movies, music and mammoths (all kinds)

Got ya M :-)