Monday, May 19, 2008

Sinfully tempted

I sinned
like the faithful standing
at the foot of confession chamber

I sinned
like a melody distorted
through an amp and a loop

I sinned
like a googled name
wished to spring live from webpage

I sinned
like holding hands
lingering beyond an innocent navigation

I sinned
like being tempted
with a promising kiss

I sinned
like being swept away
to Alister Crowley's magical lair

I sinnned
like familiarising with
all that makes me Zedekiah


Nikhil said...

But on a serious take
it's incredible how you've found your rhythm
excellent flow!!!
it's like your this whole different person.

Sam said...

Sherry, be honest. Did you meet someone? And please put up a better picture. you look kinda demented.

Am coming to your town. Meet me. Call me.

Nothingman said...

better to have sinned than to have thought about it...

sinning is interesting.

keep it up~


humbl devil said...

confessin time!?!
but as they say...
a saint is nothing but a sinner who has awakened after falling...
so hope for the best...

Zedekiah said...

@Sam - Maybe I did and when the Hell are you coming? Call me x-(

@N - Thanks for the encouragement. Will carry on the interesting work.

@hd - i like the way you think ;-)

Bhasmam said...

If a man is considered guilty
For what goes on in his mind
Then give me the electric chair
For all my future crimes