Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ever heard the oft quoted cliche, Denial is not just a river in Africa!!!
It's an ocean. So how do you stop from being swept away?
Gossamer skin
Like a gunshot to the vertabrae,
Forgotten all been wanting to say.
Love has been llike a dying gasp,
never catching on a grasp.
Lace stays white for just one night,
then yellows with age.
Just like the books waiting,
for mildew on the page.
And all the thoughts are dead
dreciting poems in a strayed head
Leading one to temptation
and then what utter regret...
Denial is not just a river in Africa...It's an ocean and I'm getting swept away...


humbl devil said...

i just dont know how to react :D

Zedekiah said...

why...elucidate :-)

Nikhil said...

Listen to a track called "you already did" by Russian Circles
feels exactly like your verse