Monday, September 21, 2009

/-\ B |_| S !E !)

Monday : You are a canvas, and he decorates you
with grotesque shades of fresh magnolia red and prussian blue.

Tuesday : One look at the always-honest mirror to see there are
vomited bruises all over your reflection. It never lies.

Wednesday : Someone took your rosy coloured glasses and now you have your own rainbow
black blue black blue black red purple.

Thursday : "I didn't mean it. I'll never do it again. I love you,"
his lips are talking.
"I love beating you. I love possessing you,"
his white knuckles are whispering.

Friday : True beauty is real pain: true pain is real beauty.
(by these standards, you are truly gorgeous)

Saturday : A is for abrasion, B is bump, C is for contusion
The A-b-c of how he loves you.

Sunday : Body Shop, paint job, red rouge.
When exceptional plastic features look ordinary.
The artists canvas be fresh for the next week.


Nothingman said...


Knew a girl once, online only. Her boyfriend used to beat her when she did shopping. And real time, insane beating, blood and cuts and what not.

She disappeared.

Got to know in June that she is marrying the same guy.

Love and its ABC eh?

it's all funny really.



Zedekiah said...

Wow N. Thanks for Sharing.
Disturbing indeed. Much really.