Monday, September 07, 2009

Shied Wisdom

Flowing off a tongue, words seeped in soul contemplation

a thought stored in heart, voiced in constemation;

for meaning, greater than a hollowness in a mute enounce

wrought through by doubt, of why they should so resound.

Spoken in that twisted language known for it's unknowing

captures whispering word, of another's thoughts bestowing

it upon a limited and descriptive, burst in quite verse

there lays a beauty, in truth shyly locked away in time.

For all who may doubt, the winds of thought so brought

despair in one's seeeking for more than sould thought words

a clarity is that said, which comes from heart not head

truth, quiet shouted nouns or verbs, so completely read.

To waste away and forget on one moment's truth and shame

is to face, one more daring and fear filled day to come

for a word to become as closed, within an unspoken soul

is to languish in a void, as one's true thoughts unfold.


Nikhil said...

Why fear wat u don't understand

EnKryptiK said...

and then it leaves a period of doubt
words dwell in your heart
but not in your mouth
stop for a moment and curse the day
you forgot what's what and what's not to saY
for if it mattered, but it probably doesn't;
who cares? u did as you wanted...

Anonymous said...

art is self expression.
to bring meaning to others through ones art, it must only be meaningful to oneself.

only you know when YOU are thirsty... leave a bowl of water out for others that they may quench their thirst in their own time

selfishness in ones art is virtue beyond measure.

yours eternally,