Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Romacing Insomnia

Like a stray live wire,
the night got into bed with me

caressing the length of my back
uptil the nape,with a warrior's affectionate hands
slithering up and down
a spear
leaving behind droplets of cold sweat
like a comet's tail.

I silently suffer the pleasure
between & beyond
the evening sentient
and the morning blue

The stars sprinkled on me
crumble tracelessly
before the day rolls in

Does washing my hair remove the smells of the night?

It was the kind of night that stays, after having left.

An Arabian night of a thousand nights
when sleep negotiates itself from the self.................


Anonymous said...

With vanquished Auge's I heed the Nox,
as the weakest wind of winter
Spurs astray, wisplen upon
the quilted veil of my cell

Gathered I did peripherally
the very end tether
of my unwilling toil
find I did the perpetrator
the first gale of spring

Ponder I must not further
expedite the extrication all rumination
for the culpa of my Insomnia
a fracture in the ethos
the ambrosial spell of spring

One of the longest winter's I've lived thru closes with a week of absolute loss of sleep, what brought yours about

Aarish said...