Sunday, December 04, 2005

Campus Rock Idols- 2005 - Build up to the show.....

Spirit of Rock \m/
And the Underlying 'Roll'!
My Creed
"Dude this is so gay. When are ya f**^!*^ gonna play?"
Sound check
"Be kind to my amp! Its expensive"

Command the stage
"Am I the King of the world yet?"

Build into the rhythm
"Ready to headbang?"
At the hilt of the Crescendo
"Look Mommy, I can fly!!"


Sam said...

Lemme guess... losdsa attitude and music quality huh??

hey by the way, the spot for band photographer is open. wanna fill the slot??? lotsa green room action to offer!!!

Zedekiah said...

samrath, thanks man. BY the way, when are ya coming down to chandy to give us a good dose of ya music? dont forget us, remember your HOME TOWN!!!