Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blank verse

end these days quick like a song without a fade.
stop the music. i don't want to live.
unplug the amplifiers. cuz no one listens.
delete the chorus.
i can't sing it anymore.
lonesome as a single small
boat all alone on the vast oceans.
hopeless as the last leaf in autumn
when all the rest have already fallen.
don't catch me.
don't rake me up.
just wait for the first snowfall
to bury.


AG said...

Nice piece! But why so low nowadays??? Remember...the sun will soon reveal what the snowfall buries! :-) It is the cycle of life...u can't avoid it!


Zedekiah said...

musings of an idle heart.........
thanks for showing me the sunshine's new work???

AG said...

Idle heart huh? Mil jaayega ... tu haan to bol! :-) Work kaha join kiya? Ab tak college mein hi! :D Joining in June