Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Gods must've been playing Holi in the Sky

A play of colours on a placid morning.
A ray of sunshine splitting through the morning sky.
A gust of torrential rain sweeping the blues, greens, pinks and purples.
A shiver of ice running down with each tear of the Heavens.

A breath of the stormy seas waving the skyline.
A sound of thunder cracking the reef of the clouds.
A particle of spectrum bleeding through the air-
traveled through the known to the unknown.

A hiss of the rubber skidding off the tar.
A trail of white gripping the path.
A hue of white frost garnishing rosy skin tarts.

Then suddenly
A rageful spark of warmth in the air.

A hum of sunshine splits midday again.
A puddle of water is all that remains
A melted platoon of little white dots in the fields -
scattered everywhere...

To think its March 2006
And have played Holi on the virgin Kasauli Hills.

Pue Bliss!!

The day The God's coloured the Earth white and then green. . . . .


gautam rishi said...

Hi Sherry,
Hope u like these lines also....

Summer is warm and full of life
The birds are singing
The butterflies are dancing
The flowers are talking
Fish are jumping
Kids are splashing
Bees are buzzing for nectarines
The days are longer
The nights are shorter
Summer it is full of life!

Zedekiah said...

yes i do Gautam

Lovely lyric and a sweet rhyme........

Summer is really full of life!!!
and so are you, my summery friend!!!!!!