Monday, April 24, 2006

Who Am I?

I am a moment
now ‘n gone.
I am a faint memory
of days begone.

I am a dew-drop
fallen ‘n slipped.
I am a desire
arousen ‘n killed.

I am a flower
blossomed ‘n crushed.
I am a secret
shared ‘n hushed.

I am a heart-beat
skipped ‘n stopped.
I am a dream
dreamt ‘n hoped.

I am love
blooming ‘n strained.
I am a body
dimming ‘n slain.

I am a vision
clean ‘n blurring.
I am lust
coaxing ‘n slurring.

I am a memory
slipping ‘n fading!!!


AG said...

The eternal search....! :-) Aren't v alwez searching for who v r? good one!

Sam said...

Oye. You wrote this in 12th didn't you?? at the time you were pissed with me??

sharam nahin aati, personal saman bhi blog pe daal diya....

man, memories, i remember you made me rag my ass crazy for those three days..heartless bitch....

hahahaha......... but yeah, that was the first time i liked what you still rare, you had to smuggle out old stuff..hehehehe.......

dont you dare beat me up this time... now that you have muscles too after gyming like crazy....

me coming for harpriya's engagement tomorrow. will see ya then....and yeah thanks for the express story on me.... hi5 se picture hi mili thi kya.....made me sound like a rebel,,, theek hai theek hai.....

Gheun Tak............

Niraj said...

Beautifull like always...

Harpriya said...


Anonymous said...

somone told me that when you write write as if you have a sliver of ice on your heart.

I am asleep, Wake me

I am lazy, shame me

I am indifferent, strike me
I remain indifferent, beat me up

I am monstrous, make me human
I am pretentious, make me die of laughter

I am mute, untie my tongue

I have forgotten, throw Memory in my face


Zedekiah said...

Thanks anand, rathi, harp, niraj and kabir..........

but its silver that makes me cold..
and its silver that keeps me sane...

I am a demon, don't wanna be human....