Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sada Shehar...

Sight to wake up too..although i dont sleep in the wild...
Morning Cab to work
Maybe a breezy walk first.
Gherhi sheri oye...... college lunch hour party.

or maybe i'll take to the dirt track instead.

Nah....more like balle balle at 12pm.... sardars.

oye yar.. dead city. lets go for road kill..

Sunset Strip Chandigarh.

Hm.... wrong entry?

Perfect weekend
Love my, drugs 'n rock&roll
Or easy retirement. Solace... 'n plenty of it!

Shit! I'm late. Its dark.. have to be home..

Foggy midnight sneak out. He he.

"Thank you for visiting...Do come again"

Not just a road sign after all huh?

1 comment:

Harpriya said...

that's the chandigarh life........gonna miss it for sure!!!!