Sunday, February 11, 2007

Locked eyes

The last few days
I have been beating the alarm,
waking up much before it goes off.

If you wake up really, really early, is it insomnia still?

I pick up last night’s unfinished story from the bed-side
for tonight there might be a different side, a different bed, a different room, house, city, scape.

As I turn on the radio at dawn,
the jockeys talk less and play better music‘cause no one’s listening,
I wish
time retards
so I can gorge on unfinished tales.

But the morning comes
sun shines
horns honk
the music is suffused with coffee-smells and cat-calls.

I negotiate a quick, shower
a cool lift in a cold car to a cool corridor – that happens to be my workplace.

Too much air-conditioning condensing cerebral cells.
I actually, really, honestly spent an hour yesterday lying on concrete behind the parking lot,

looking at the city-sky-dwellers.
This peripatetic rhythm is becoming a habit.
There is a hint of a speck of dust -the kind that speak of passage of time.

Skull & Bones?
Longing for
open greens,
spatial freedom,
falling rain and
un-interrupted access to the internet.

Or wait...don't I have all of these already...

Then maybe I'm making stories in my head,
because I know I long for that
clustrophobic lack of space,
of no green spaces,
of falling rain and
interrupted access to the internet.


Nothingman said...

Except the un-interrupted access to internet....i think the claustrophobic feeling can be totally felt in hostel rooms.....:P

try going to one if you feel like it ;)

Nikhil said...

Something interesting after a long time. Nice :-)