Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sigh.we have more....

They lay in each others arms for some time afterwards, hidden in their own green umbrella, just the two of them, locked away from the world by the whispering leaves of the tree. The sound seemed to echo the whispered words of love that had passed between the two. They lay locked close, lost in each other’s arms, oblivious to the world, then as if by mutual consent, they found each other again, their final cries as they both reached the pinnacle lost in nature’s sounds. Later, much later, walking back along the path to the cottage, picking willow twigs out of each other’s hair, he suddenly stopped, turned to her, then looking deep into her eyes said "You know, I just can’t find the words to tell you how much I love you." She sensed his struggle and kissed him gently on the lips before skipping out of his arms. "Ditto" she replied, breaking the spell that had held his speech. He raced after her, and they fell onto the soft grass, which lead to equally soft kisses. He propped himself up on one elbow, gazed into the brown pools that were her eyes "Tomorrow, would you like to take up the offer of the boatsman, and for me to row you up the river, you’ll have to act the lady and make a picnic, cucumber sandwiches etc., or perhaps we could stop at some river side pub." "The latter please, my love, after another night with you" she said with an impish giggle "I don’t think I can be called a lady." He cleared his throat, the question he had to ask. "Err, mm, perhaps in the evening we might..??"

Once they had finished and had something to eat he set off down to the boat she’d with the picnic basket packed last night. It was a long time since he had last rowed a boat, he hoped he would not show himself up too much. When he opened the boat shed, he saw the boat keeper was not the rough old man he liked others to believe. In the stern of the boat he had placed several cushions for the love of his life to rest on, above which was the most dainty sun shade.

As he put the basket in the boat and pulled it out onto the river, he noticed a bottle and two glasses hidden under one of the seats. The note said "I too was in love once." Soft old sod, he laughed. He was just getting the oars sorted when she came down the pathway, laughing as she watched his attempts to stand up in the boat to greet her. God, how he loved her, she was wearing a voluminous dress that with the sun behind her, did little to hide the body he loved and desired, her hair hung loose and her eyes shone and sparkled with love and desire. She, with his help, lowered herself into the boat. "I feel like a queen" she said. "You are. My queen" he replied, picking up the oars, he started slowly, but powerfully rowing the boat upstream.

They drifted up the river, she watched from half closed eyelids as his strong arms seemed to propel the boat like a silent swan along the river. Her beautiful Englishman, those arms which could be so soft to hold her in their love, but strong to protect her from any harm. She let her hand drop into the water making ripples as the early morning chill sent tingling up her arm. Was this a dream, would she suddenly wake up and find herself back in Boston? She looked again, no, no dream could be as wonderful as this. He rested and they drifted into the river bank, under the welcoming shade of the river side willows. "Willow trees again" he laughed, she blushed remembering with pleasure their joining under the willow tree the previous day. He saw her blush and grinned. "I’ll crack open the champers, pass it here." She leant across, their hands touching as she passed the bottle to him. Electricity passed between them and for a few minutes the drink was forgotten. How can I ever leave this woman, I can’t let her go, this is my life, he thought and so did she.

After they had both had their fill, of each other and the picnic, laying back held in each other’s arms, she tickling him under his chin with a buttercup. "Do you know, if the flower reflects on your chin, you like butter?" He twisted her over onto her back "And if you kiss my lips you love me." Seconds later there was silence as two lips proved the truth of the comment. A little while later they started to clear the picnic away, they wrote a love letter to each other on a scrap of paper, put it in the champagne bottle and sent it slowly swirling down the river. "I hope whoever finds that will be as happy as we are" she said, and his heart skipped a beat, nobody could be as happy as they were. They carried on rowing up the river until the sun started to set, and they found they were a long way from home, and no matter how much he tried not to admit it, he was tired. As the light was fading, they moored the boat outside the small river side pub, and ran for the door as a summer storm split the sky with a flash of lightning, by the time they made the door, they were both like drowned rats.

We'll sigh some more at 10.34 hrs. tomorrow

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