Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Such is life," He said

This one's about Parzania.
Of utter helplessness, life framed in tattered posters of what is an imitation of life.
Of being appraised of our senses – pain, hazy vision through tatters, foul sting of dead love, taste of salt laden tears and noise of fearful cries that wake you from your troubled slumber.
It was a myth for movies to well out sorrow from the deepest pores of a girl called Sharin.
She was wrong.
Godhra, Gujarat, RSS, Hindu, Muslim, Parsi… Human?
Religion – genocide?
Faith – carnage?

Sachar committee - Varanasi's 'Water'?

Real life, real people…Naseeruddin Shah and Sarika – all heads down!!!

Rahul Dholakia...all praise, all faith, all respect, all courage!!!


ugyen said...

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Zedekiah said...

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