Sunday, February 04, 2007

A lover's tragedy

They somehow managed to wade the night in a series of endless passions, breaking the four poster bed of the inn their liove took refuge in. With the light of day, they returned to their cottage in a cart.

After what seemed to be an age of endless bliss, the cart came to a halt, and they were woken from their love enriched slumbers by a polite coughing, from the landlord who had led the cart to their cottage. Getting out of the straw, and laughingly pulling stray wisps out of each other s hair, they thanked the landlord, with beaming smiles, then hand in hand walked down the path. As they got to the door of their own little world, he whisked her up in his arms, and carried her into the room. He was just about to put her down, when a voice from around his neck filled with the huskiness of wanton sex said "Darling, not here, put me down in the bedroom." God, was there no end, he gratefully thought, feeling himself too, ready for their love to show itself again. He carried her to the bedroom, and after lowering her gently to the floor, she flung her arms around his neck and started a kiss that would never end. They slowly peeled the loathed clothes off each other, like people peeling an orange, helping each other, until both stood naked before each other. He looked again and marveled at how lucky he was to given such a heavenly body full of so much love. She looked at him, and thought how she could never want for more, this man, so gentle, yet so powerful, who lived to give her pleasure. They sank onto the bed, finding each other, animal-like groans were soon lost in endless kisses, and the evening sun went down and filled the cottage windows with it’s red halo, surrounding the lovers with its soft beams as they gave each other every part of themselves. They spent that evening in the cottage, lost in each other, lost to world, lost, just lost, happiness seemed to shine from every room.

No body knew what happened, some say it was a faulty electric current, some a spark from somewhere caught in the thatched roof, but the cottage was found in a blazing inferno when the fire brigade arrived. Many strange stories are told about that night, and many strange things were seen.

Some say that at the height of the blaze, a couple wrapped in each other s arms were seen standing in the middle of the fire, just lost in each others eyes.

Others swore they heard a boat go by on the river, the gentle sound of laughter filling the night air.

For what is a love story without a tragic ending! What did you guys think? Do I have the perfect formulae here??

In a pub up the river, the big old four poster bed split in two, and was never able to be used again. The landlord and landlady found the love they thought they had lost.

An old rough boatman was seen to be sobbing his heart out down by the river bank, and would never go near the river again, some say he went to find a love that he had lost, never to return.


Nothingman said...


Death by fire!! damm that rocks!

My guess, is that the heat of their passion got too much!


I wish I could write about sensuality and sex like this but
nevermind, i'm happing killing off the characters. hah.

keep rocking

Zedekiah said...

hehe...I try........hey btw....can i edit your word files and mail them back.....dont want to spoil the photostats with pen marks????

Nothingman said...

oh sure...that would be great too...I'll take the prints straight away and anyway if you wish you can use a pencil ;) and yeah remember to pass them on to sam, let her suffer a bit too :)


GuY nExT dOoR said...

I just don't believe this blog belongs to a gal!

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