Friday, February 02, 2007

Some more...

He drank his tea, watching as she moved like some lithe animal around the room, collecting up the hastily discarded clothing from last night’s rush to prove their love to each other. "Has this quaint place got a shower room?" she said in that accent that still sent tremors down his every fibre. Oh God, the shower room, the one place that didn’t fit in to angelic cottage. "Yes darling, it’s the third door on your left, but I should warn you" his words were lost in her kiss "Doesn’t matter" she smiled "will call you when I’m ready for you to come and scrub my back."

She left him open-mouthed, and headed for the room, sure enough there was a short scream followed by fits of laughter. He hurried to the shower room door, there she was, laughing with tears running down her face, and that look of gentle mocking, yet sure love said it all. "I tried to warn you," he said "It just doesn’t fit, does it? This lovely cottage and a bright luminous yellow shower room." He tried to keep a straight face, but soon joined her in happy peals of laughter. They fell into each other’s arms, and for a long, long moment their laughter, shower and the yellow glow were forgotten. Their love was stopped by the violent knocking on the cottage door.

He slowly released the still laughing brown eyed angel, and headed towards the front door, ready for anything.

He looked through the door, only being able to make out the dim outline of a man, what the hell, he said to himself and opened the door. "Good day sir" asked a very hard looking man "Are you the Mr. Grant who has rented this here cottage?" A wave of relief swept over him as he realized it was the boat keeper who he had first met when trying to rent the cottage. "I have the keys to the boat house, in case you and your good lady (producing the most ordacious wink) might want to take a trip out on the river." Stuttering his thanks, he took the key from the man and closed the door. As he turned, she was there, he could smell the sweetness of her and the softness of her touch, long before the softness of her lips stopped his from talking.

When they had stopped, and finally made ready, they set off together, and in hand to walk along the bank of the river. "You know" she said gently nibbling his ear "this reminds me of a certain song somebody wrote me once, about walking on a bank, and watching the sun go down." He blushed, had she seen it was a plan all the time, but her laugh soon broke his embarrassment. They stopped, resting under the spreading branches of a willow tree, hid from the world, lost in each other. And as the sun slowly started to sink in the direction of her homeland, they made love, not now as strangers, or with that urgency of their first meeting, but with the certainty that this was them, their world, and their love, that could never be beaten or hurt, it was that two were one.


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Nothingman said...

Call me a pathetic hopeless lunatic but I'm seriously waiting for one of them to die/get lost/drown in the river/eaten by crocodiles/ abducted by aliens/ barmuda triangulated....anything...this is so sweet and romantic....keep going though :) its your story after all..... :) :)

Zedekiah said...

hehe....Ltes torture a bit more before the big climax...Oh yeah! I promise there is one :-p