Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A pledge of chaos

Blurred lines of shapeless forms,
Chatting in the background over loud vibrations.
Sounds made with formless lips and tongues, indecipherable.
Breathless winds weaving patterns in the sky.
My head is on backward,
My throat is parched with heat.
I am dancing in your eye,
But all I am seeing is swirling sensations.
They overwhelm like bees.
I had it all figured out,
Each piece had a place in the puzzle.
So close to finding the message here,
My bottle's broken under all the rubble.
Oh! it's not all that bad
Life is a complexity of self-created mess
I'll figure it out,
I'll wade the nearly as silent storm.
But I must object, this day I must.
My few moments of self loathing!

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